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Trail No.8 Fortress Trail - NMK

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(Tetovo – Tetovo Fortress – Springs of mineral water Banjiche – Tetovo)




Positioning - mountain

  • Shar Mountain / central segment 


Starting point

  • Tetovo


Description of the trail 

Easy recreational trail starting from the old part of Tetovo - Koltuk. Moving along this trail, we are passing by two important places for Tetovo. These are the Tetovo Fortress (Baltepe) and Banjiche. The trail begins from the church of St. Nikola which is in the old part of the city and moves in a general direction towards the west. On an asphalt road we are heading to the Tetovo Fortress. After crossing the Fortress, we head westward towards the northwest entrance of the Fortress and head towards the village of Lavce. We pass along an arable land below the village and descend to the Pena River or more precisely to the springs with mineral water, Banjice. Here we cross the river, and from this place we head towards the city of Tetovo, in the direction towards east and we are going along the asphalt road on the right side of the river Pena. The trail ends in the old part of Tetovo - Gorno Maalo, near the church of St. Bogorodica.


Technical data:


Altitude at the start point

  • Tetovo – 500 masl

Highest point

  • Tetovo Fortress – 810 masl

Altitude at the end point

  • Tetovo – 500 masl

Trail duration

  • 1.00 – 1.30 hours

Trail length

  • 9 km

Altitude gain

  • hike up – 310 m
  • hike down – 310 m

Trail difficulty

  •  ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Required level of physical fitness

  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆


Panoramas and landscapes

The most significant panoramic view is from the plateau of the Tetovo Fortress. The view towards Kobilica to the west is incredible. You can see the entire ridge of Shar Mountain from the peak Karanikola on the left to the peak Crn Vrv on the right. When we descend to Banjice, the view of the down stream of the Pena River is impressive.


Access to the start point 

  • Motorway Skopje - Tetovo, 43 km

Places of tourism interest

  • from start and end point:
  • Tetovo Fortress (15 minutes driving from Tetovo)
  • Banjiche (15 minutes driving from Tetovo)
  • Arabati Baba Tekje (10 minutes driving from the Centre of Tetovo)
  • Sharena Dzhamija (10 minutes driving from the Centre of Tetovo)
  • Turkish Hammam (10 minutes driving from the Centre of Tetovo)
  • Museum of Tetovo (10 minutes driving from the Centre of Tetovo)
  • Museum of CPM (10 minutes driving from the Centre of Tetovo)
  • Gallery of Icons (10 minutes driving from the Centre of Tetovo)


Accommodation and food 

  • Different accommodation in Tetovo 

Public transport: 

  • Public bus, van transport and taxi 


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